How old does my dog need to be in order to start training?

It is never too early to begin training your dog. In fact, you should start training the moment your bring your new dog/puppy home. It is important to establish boundaries and expectations for your dog/puppy right away in the beginning in order to set them up for success in the future.

How long does it take to housetrain a dog?

The amount of time it takes to housetrain a dog varies with each dog. If my advice is followed, you should have very few “accidents” after your dog has completed training with me. It’s important for owners to be consistent with training and follow through with the training. The majority of dogs in my care have been housetrained within 1-2 weeks. Most dogs will be 100% reliable within 3-4 weeks. I can also train your dog to ring bells to go outside, making it easier for your dog to communicate with you as to when s/he needs to go out.


Do you offer group classes?

No. I believe that group classes are a fun activity for owners and their dogs, however, I don’t believe that they accomplish enough as far as training goes. Group classes are generally easy money for trainers. Although owners and dogs may learn some basics in a group class, I believe that your time and money could be better invested in private training which is tailored to your exact needs. If you want socialization, go to a dog park- it’s free.

Can you train dogs with separation anxiety?

Definitely. Separation anxiety could be caused my many different factors, however, it is usually the result of a dog who lacks confidence. Separation anxiety is both treatable and reversible. I am happy to help your dog build confidence and live a life with less stress. Happy, confident dogs = happy owners.

Can you train aggressive dogs?

Yes. There are many types of aggression and I will need to determine what type(s) of aggression your dog is displaying. “Aggressive” dogs are often scared, under-confident dogs, and they hold a special place in my heart. While working at the humane society, I realized how quickly I could earn the trust of the dogs deemed aggressive. I couldn’t stand to see a dog wait in a cage for days for their stray hold to be up, never being walked because of their aggression. This became my niche- earning the trust of dogs who couldn’t be handled so that I could safely get them out of their cages to take them for daily walks. All of my adopted dogs have been dogs who have failed their behavior assessments. While others may have seen them as “scary,” I was able to see their full potential. If you have an aggressive dog, please get them into training immediately! The longer the aggressive behavior goes on, the more difficult it can be to reverse. Click here to schedule a free 30-minute phone consultation, tell me about your dog and his/her aggressive behavior and I will help you figure out the best approach to get your dog into training as soon as possible!

Can you train sheltered or rescued dogs?

Absolutely. All of my animals are rescues. I firmly believe with all of my heart that rescued animals have a special appreciation and love for the people who give them a second chance at a safe, forever home. Even if they have been abused or neglected in the past, I can work with you to show them that the home they have now is different, and that life will be better now. It may take time and we will have to earn the trust of a dog who has been let down in the past, but rescued dogs make great companions and I can work to rehabilitate them.

What areas do you serve?

I serve all of Milwaukee, WI as well as surrounding areas. I travel within 60 miles of Milwaukee. As my schedule allows, I am able to travel beyond 60 miles of Milwaukee for an additional travel fee. I also travel out of state a lot and I am available for dog training in other states on occasion. If you are interested in my dog training services but live outside of the Milwaukee area, contact me to see if we can make arrangements.