Hello. Thank you for checking out my website, and WELCOME to the end of your search for a dog trainer! My name is Tia. I truly believe that well trained dogs live happier lives, and that owners who understand how dogs learn, communicate, and thrive, are happier owners. With the right techniques, we can train our dogs to do just about anything! We do not have to yell, dominate, or hurt our dogs to teach them obedience, tricks, leash walking, etc. We can lessen or dissolve fear aggression, improve dogs’ confidence levels, and redirect reactivity. Training your dog will restore peace to your home while bringing families and dogs together in a way that they did not previously think possible. My goal is to help people unlock their dogs’ potential and fully realize the joy of dog companionship. I am committed to helping families and dogs live happily ever after!

I’ve lived with dogs my entire life and feel as though I have a special bond with them. As young as 6 years old, I began to realize that all of our family dogs chose to follow me over other family members, and listened to me when I gave them a command even over my parents. In 5th grade I became interested in dog training and even did a school project on “How to Train a Dog,” where I was able to bring my dog to school and demonstrate the new tricks I taught her specifically for that project.

Fast-forward many years and I now train and doggysit dogs full-time. Because working with dogs and their owners is my full-time job and main focus, my schedule is very flexible. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I have been working with animals professionally for 6 years. From nonprofit work, to working at the humane society, to working for a humane officer. I am comfortable with all animal handling and behavior.

All of my animals are rescues. I have 4 cats (Speaker, Felix, Beretta, Cali) and 2 dogs, Jaxson (American Bulldog, 8yrs) and Kilo (Labrador Retriever, 4 yrs). Both of my dogs didn’t do well in their previous homes, but after some training and a lot of love, they are now my perfect angels and help me to train other dogs. <3

I believe that it’s extremely important to keep a dog’s mind busy, so I put a lot of thought and attention into activities for their mental stimulation. Everyone knows that daily walks are important, but beyond that my dogs and I enjoy playing food games & food puzzles, learning/practicing fun tricks, games such and “hide & seek,” scent games, fetch, swimming, etc. Your dog will likely sleep a lot for the day or two after returning home– a tired dog is a happy dog! (: